To ensure the safety of our guests, and to make sure the concert experience is enjoyable for all of our patrons, the following rules have been put in place. Before entry, The Pavilion reserves the right to search you and your belongings for prohibited items, including, but not limited to:

  • NO smoking inside the building, according to state law. Smoking is permitted, for those of age, in our outside smoking pit.
  • NO bottles, cans or carry-ins, including camelbaks
  • NO weapons (concealed or otherwise).
  • NO markers/paint.
  • NO fireworks.
  • NO spikes or long wallet chains.
  • NO audio or video recording devices of any kind, including GoPros. Leave them in the car.
  • NO bags or large backpacks.
  • NO gum.
  • NO item that management may consider dangerous or problematic.
  • NO professional camera equipment without a photo pass. In some cases, small pocket cameras may be allowed WITH FLASH OFF. We reserve the right to change this policy based on day-of-show demands placed on us by the bands.
  • NO abusive, foul or disruptive language and obscene gestures 
  • NO intoxication or other signs of impairments related to alcohol consumption
  • NO fighting, taunting or threatening remarks or gestures
  • NO reentry or ins and outs
  • NO refunds or exchanges
  • NO sitting on designated dance floor areas
  • NO running
  • NO moshing, crowd surfing, or stage diving
  • NO unauthorized unlicensed vendors allowed
  • NO unauthorized solicitations handbills or sampling giveaways etc.
  • NO unauthorized entry to non-public areas (storage closets, offices, etc)


  • NO illegal substances
  • NO drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • NO massagers
  • NO laser pointers
  • NO pacifiers or dust masks
  • NO gum
  • NO Sweetbreath
  • NO glass, cans, tops, or coolers
  • NO markers, pens, or spray paint
  • NO large chains or spiked jewelry
  • NO stickers, flyers, banners, or posters
  • NO balloons, balls, inflatable balls or frisbees
  • NO backpacks over 10″x10″
  • NO camelbak or bota bags
  • NO large purses or bags (anything over 10″ x 10″)
  • NO stuffed animals or dolls
  • NO outside food or beverages including alcohol and candy
  • NO weapons of any kind including pocket knives, pepper spray, fireworks, etc
  • NO professional recording equipment (photo, video or audio, no detachable lenses, tripods, big zooms, or commercial rigs)
  • NO video cameras


  • OK Small bags, single compartment backpacks and purses
  • OK Fanny packs
  • OK Nonprofessional//pocket still camera
  • OK Glowsticks / LED Gloves
  • OK Cell phones
  • OK Sunglasses
  • OK Hats
  • OK Lighters
  • OK Closed/Sealed packs of cigarettes
  • OK Sealed/wrapped tampons
  • OK ear plugs
  • OK sealed Chapstick or lip gloss
  • OK Eye Drops

*all guidelines subject to change, and management reserves the right to make individual exceptions to this list based on circumstance.


NO Re-Entry. Once you leave, you’re out!

Once you enter the building, you agree to the following:

  • You must be 21 or older to purchase alcohol.
  • You must obtain a wristband in the front lobby to buy or possess alcohol.
  • If you are 21, do not attempt to pass a drink to a minor.
  • NO fighting.
  • Do not mosh, body pass, or stage dive. You may think its fun, but the person getting their teeth kicked in won’t be as amused. You may be held liable for damages if you choose not to follow this rule.
  • Do not sticker, graffiti, tag, or vandalize the building.
  • Stay out of non-public areas of the building.

PAVILION COVID POLICY: Unless otherwise noted in event description, the Pavilion has no Covid Restrictions.

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